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De Brug, KLM Cargo Schiphol

De Brug provides you the possibility to work on your overall vitality and offers fun and effective workouts for each and every training level

Our services

Group classes

Our group classes are part of our TogetherFIT programme; offering a wide range of workouts

Personal training

Personal training (PT) ensures you the maximum effectivity in reaching your desired fitness goals


Our fitness instructors can provide you with a training program to guide you to your desired fitness goal

High Five Connect

Start your journey to a healthier lifestyle and let High Five Connect help you along the way

Online classes

Our online classes are part of our TogetherFIT programme; offering a wide range of workouts


We have a physiotherapist located at our gym who can help you with your problems and conditions

De Brug is a good and accessible gym. It's nice to have the possibility to empty your mind in the breaks between work!

The group classes are fun, and there is a nice variety of classes. It's fun seeing all the colleagues in a different environment!

With the new gym equipments delivered in january 2020, de Brug made a real upgrade, nice!

Our team

Denzell ter Smitten

Location Manager. You can contact me for mucoskeletar complaints as well as questions about training!

Physiotherapist, Fitness Coach, Group Class Instructor

Jordy Snoeij

As of 2018 I work at KLM Cargo. I really enjoy my work here! With questions about fitness or physical therapy you can come to me.

Physiotherapist, Fitness Coach, Group Class Instructor

Joaquim Sabaté

As a physiotherapist I would like to encourage people to be preventive. Not only thinking about building up a good pension, but also taking care of a healthy and strong body so that you can fully enjoy it later

Physiotherapist, Fitness Coach, Personal Trainer, Group Class Instructor

Small Steps, Big Results

At High Five we understand that every individual has differerent fitness goals. 
No matter what your current fitness level is, our highly dedicated instructors can guide you to your desired goals in the fastest and safest manner with a personal, innovative approach and with powerful motivation.

Start your journey

De Brug Address

Handelskade 1-3 1118 DA Schiphol
De Brug - room number 2198/2185
We are located on the Bridge between
cargo building 1 and cargo building 2